Intepain (Syrup)

# Picture Name Indication
1 Intepain (Syrup) Flatulence; indigestion; loose motion and loose motion in teething symptoms of children. Details
2 Ovamen (Syrup) Tonic for female; Prevents leucorrhoea; Uterine tonic. Details
3 Dermos (Syrup) Blood purifier; Antisyphilitic; Relieves Skin disease. & Emollient. Details
4 Haemolife (Syrup) Haemoglin syrup; Blood reproductive. Details
5 Stomalife (Syrup) Appetizing; Carminative; Prevents gastric troubles. Details
6 Citrolife (Syrup) Diuretic; Liver, Kidney and gall bladder detergent. Details
7 Lipo (Syrup) Antiphlogistic for the Liver;  Analgesic for the pain of Liver;  Curative for drospy;  Aperient.;  Prevents hapatitis. Details
8 DIADYS (Syrup) Antidysenteric & anti diarrhoea. Details
9 NELICOUGH (Syrup) Cough expectorant; Anti bronchial. Details
10 NEWVIT (Syrup) General tonic; Aperient; Nutrient. Details