Combocin (Syrup)

# Picture Name Indication
1 Combocin (Syrup) Different types of cough & allied symptoms. Details
2 Cardocil (Syrup) Effective response in liver disorders. Details
3 Serolon (Syrup) Prostitis, Painful micturation Details
4 Ephilon (Syrup) Asthma with suffocative and rattling cough. Wheezing respiration. Dyspnoea and constant constriction in chest. Details
5 CARDOCIL (Syrup) Liver Protective syrup Details
6 BASAK (Syrup) Cough Expectorant Details
7 NEW ALFALFA (Syrup) Recommended for fatigue, lack of appetite, nervousness as a result of anxiety, worry and overwork, Efficacious in anaemia, chlorosis, weakness Details