# Picture Name Indication
1 Biolife-28 General weakness or debility Details
2 Biolife-27 Deficiency of vital power. Details
3 Biolife-26 Prophylactic use during pregnancy, cases normal delivery & prevents miscarriage, relives pains of labour. Details
4 Biolife-25 Acidity, Flatulence & Dyspepsia. Details
5 Biolife-19 Rheumatism, inflamatory conditions of joint & mascle. Details
6 Biolife-17 Hemorrhoids accompanied with pain & itching. Details
7 Biolife-15 Painful, irregular & profuse menses & allied weakness. Details
8 Biolife-13 All forms of Leucorrhoea during puberty pregnancy & in state of middle age. Details
9 Biolife-7 Diabetes Mellitus (NIDD Type) Details
10 Biolife-2 Asthma, Bronchial asthma & Dyspnea Details