# Picture Name Indication
1 Silicea Abcess, boils, bone disease or osteopathy, heap joint diseases, Rheumatism, diarrhoea, infantile cholera, constipation, fever. Details
2 Natrum Muriaticum Anaemia, diseases of ear, chronic headache, opthalmia, urticaria, constipation, breakage of lip-end, gonorrhoea, diabetes, cardiac diseases, paralysis. Details
3 Natrum Sulphuricum Bile emesis, Liver diseases, jaundice, bilious fever, gout, diabetes, urinal calculi, diarrhoea, cholera, dyspepsia. Details
4 Natrum Phosphoricum Hyperacidity, infantile, loose motion with sour odom, milk emesis, fever, stomach pain, worm infestation, Rheumatism, cholera. Details
5 Magnesia Phosphorica
Cramping pain, Enteralgia, Tothache, Dysmenorrhoea, Newralgia.
6 Kali Phosphoricum Catarrh, cough, typhoid, nervous debility, virtigo, lacking in memory, blackish menses, hysteria, epilepsy, cholera, Laryngitis, Palpitation. Details
7 Kali Sulphuricum Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Phthisis, Leucorrhoea, boils with pus, measles, delayed menstruation, vomitting tendency (nausca) Details
8 Kali Muriaticum Bubo, syphilis, carbuncle, Jaundice, Leucorrhea, enlargement of liver & spleen, tonsilitis, constipation, thread worm, Amoebiasis, oral sore. Details
9 Ferrum Phosphoricum Gout, Pneumonia, cough, boils, hepatitis, diarrhoea, Amoebiasis, vomitting/emesis, dysmenorrhoea, fever. Details
10 Calcarea Sulphurica Boils, duodenal ulcer, croneal ulcer, chronic bubo, Eczema, carbancle,      blood dysentery, boils on breast. Details
11 Calcarea Fluorica Cataract, Bony tumour, Congenital Syphilis, Pyorrhoea, Felon, Synocitis etc. Details
12 Calcarea Phos Anaemia, Diarrhoea, Infantile diarrhoea, Rheumatic pain, symptoms during teething, osteopathy. Details